iDenture: Dr. Abe Suction Technique - Technical

Date and Location

14.11.2018 - 14.11.2018

ICDE UK & Ireland
Compass Building,
Feldspar Close 
LE19 4SD, Leicester
United Kingdom





8 Hours Verifiable

This one day course will concentrate on the technical aspect of Ivoclars BPS denture philosophy incorporating Dr Abe suction technique, covering the construction of the custom trays incorporating the Gnathometer M, the intra oral tracing device (gothic arch) which is so instrumental to the systems success, the main focus of the day will be a bio-functional set-up of an upper and lower full denture in the Stratos articulator using the SR Phonares II for you to take home.


This course is designed for Clinical dental technicians and Dental technicians that are looking to gain a better understanding of the BPS system with Dr Abe technique including the setting up of a F/F using the templates in the BPS® iDenture System.

A systematic concept which involves patient, dentist and dental technician, we can achieve predictable results and satisfied patients. Material and devices, which allow an economic and stress-free workflow, form the base for such a concept. The Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS®) offers a practical combination of a systematic workflow and high quality materials for the fabrication of functional and aesthetic dentures.


– Learn the theoretical basics about the BPS® and Dr Abe
– Understand the Clinical and technical workflow
– Correctly interpret anatomical landmarks on your model
– Construction of custom trays incorporating the Gnathometer M
– Correct Articulation of models using Stratos templates
– Set up of a F/F according to BPS principles
– Natural wax up technique

This course is a must for all Clinicial Dental Technicians and Technicians wanting to improve their denture making and develop new treatment options 

This course is suitable for Clinical Dental Technicians and Dental Technicians.

Course Photos

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