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IPS Empress Characterization

Restorations made of IPS Empress Esthetic and IPS Empress CAD can be stained, glazed or even individually veneered.

IPS Empress Universal Shade/Stains

With the IPS Empress Universal Shades and Stains materials in paste form, individual characteristics are simulated on the surface of the restoration and subsequently fired in the Programat ceramic furnaces

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IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer

The opalescent IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer layering materials brings restorations yet another step closer to nature. With the "cut-back technique", the fully anatomical IPS Empress Esthetic or IPS Empress CAD restoration is reduced in the incisal third to a dental-mamelon structure and then individually characterized (e.g. mamelons). The tooth shape is then completed using incisal materials.

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