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IPS Empress Accessories

Various accessories facilitate and support the processing of IPS Empress restorations.

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IPS Natural Die Material

The light-curing IPS Natural Die Material simulates the shade of the prepared tooth and thus represents the optimum basis for natural shade reproduction of the given oral situation when fabricating all-ceramic restorations.

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IPS Silicone Ring

Silicone rings in three sizes are available for the investment of IPS Empress and IPS e.max restorations. They can be re-used several times and can easily be used under running water.

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IPS Sprue Guide

The IPS Sprue Guide helps to check the correct sprueing of the objects to be pressed on the ring base.

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IPS Empress Investment Ring System

The IPS Empress Investment Ring System is available in two sizes: 100 g and 200 g. It is composed of a ring gauge and a ring base and is used to sprue the contoured restorations.

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IPS Empress Alox Plunger

With the IPS Empress Alox Plunger, the ceramic ingot in its softened state is pressed into the hollow space in the investment ring. Due to its diameter, it is exclusively suitable for the IPS Empress Investment Ring System.

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IPS Empress One-Way Plunger

With the single-use plunger, the IPS Empress Esthetic ingots in their softened state are pressed into the hollow space in the investment ring. The IPS One-Way Plungers are disposable. They are suitable for both the 100 g and the 200 g Investment Ring System.

The IPS Empress System comprises two investment materials to invest restorations.

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IPS Empress Esthetic Speed

IPS Empress Esthetic Speed is a specially coordinated investment material consisting of a powder and liquid for the speed heating method. The quick-heating investment material provides high-quality, accurately fitting press results within a short period of time.  

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IPS PressVEST Premium

IPS PressVest Premium can be used in the popular speed heating procedure as well as with conventional heating methods. It offers impressive accuracy of fit, minimal reaction layer and produces silky smooth, homogeneous surfaces.

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IPS UniTray

The IPS UniTray is a universal firing tray that has been designed to accommodate objects to be fired, or pressed ingots and other auxiliaries on both sides. If the IPS UniTray is used in the ceramic furnace, the enclosed metal pins must be used to place the restorations properly on the firing tray.