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IPS InLine One

IPS InLine – the modern one-layer ceramic

With IPS InLine One, work proceeds even faster and more efficiently. IPS InLine One is quick and effective to use due to the application of just one Dentcisal® material. The results are appealing and meet the trend of our time towards simpler applications that are economically efficient.

IPS InLine One is

The layering materials of IPS InLine One are called "Dentcisal". They are a combination of dentin and incisal materials with properties which impress users in terms of chroma and translucency. The balanced coordination of translucency and shade saturation optimally combines the optical properties of dentin and incisal materials.

The Dentcisal materials are available in 6 shades and 1 BL shade. The 7 different shades enable the user to fabricate esthetic restorations with minimum effort. IPS InLine One restorations demonstrate a consistent, true-to-nature shade.

IPS InLine One materials are easy to apply and do not require any special knowledge about layering techniques. Thus, IPS InLine One meets the trend of our time towards performance and economic efficiency.


  • Ceramic Alloys
  • Implantat Alloys
  • Predominantly Base Alloys


  • Ceramic Furnaces
  • Press Furnaces
  • Investment Materials


  • SpeedCEM Plus
  • Multilink Automix


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