Technical Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland Opinion Leader Training

Technical OPL training 2magnifying glass

On 17th February 2016 Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland hosted a training opportunity for their UK & Ireland Opinion Leaders at the ICDE, Leicester. Believing in continuous learning and the importance of keeping key Opinion Leaders up to date with their newest releases, Ivoclar Vivadent strive to provide the best in the industry.

This two-day training focused on the NEW patented metal-ceramic material, IPS Style and was headed up by international Opinion Leader, Jürgen Seger. Jurgen presented all attendees with a knowledgeable lecture while offering an opportunity to get hands on with the brand new product. The group were then treated to an evening of wine and fine dining in the city of Leicester. 

In attendance were all Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland Technical Opinion Leaders, who all benefitted from the knowledge and skills of those around them, proving that there is always more to learn.

“I am very impressed with the course today here in Leicester. Our lecturer Jürgen Seger is just master of masters”

During the two days at the ICDE Leicester, Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland Technical Opinion Leaders took part in several workshops, covering the Stain and Glaze technique with IPS Ivocolor, Infiltration and sintering solutions with Zenostar MT 0, and the layering of IPS Style.

“The best part of the OPL training was the hands on workshops, including the explanations of materials and suggested techniques”

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Photo credit (L-R): Luke Barnett, Simon Caxton, Rob Lynock, Wayne Hall, Jürgen Seger, Marcel Roetjens, Ian Smith, Petr Mysicka, Angelo Zuccari Plini, Rob Storrar, Anthony Gillitt