Ivoclar Digital Launches at IDS

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The 37th International Dental Show (IDS) was the ideal occasion for Ivoclar Vivadent to announce the launch of their new Ivoclar Digital brand. With the industry teased with pre-announcements a few weeks leading up to the event, the leading manufacturer impressed an eagerly awaiting audience at the “Rheinterrassen Köln”, the day before IDS officially opened its doors.

Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, opened the event by celebrating the healthy 2.1% growth of the company before expanding on the company’s strategic direction in 2017. Ganley captivated the audience by announcing their plans to enhance their customer focused market strength significantly with Ivoclar Digital - their new digital portfolio providing dentists and technicians with state-of-the-art professional expertise throughout the entire digital process journey.

Ganley announced exciting new partnerships and developments to ensure Ivoclar Digital remains centred around three key areas; design, decide and produce, allowing dental professionals to improve their efficiency and performance whilst deliver predictable and aesthetic results.

Milling and grinding machines
The introduction of four new digital milling and grinding units under the brand name PrograMill, will allow technicians and dentists to quickly and easily produce digital restorations. Alongside PM3, PM5 and PM7 machines for dental labs, Ivoclar Vivadent will offer PrograMill One, a compact milling unit specifically designed to grind IPS e.max CAD, using a validated workflow.

The range of 3Shape scanner’s, such as D1000 and D2000, have been extended to include the new 3Shape E series. Highly efficient scanning technology has been employed in this series, which comprises the three entry-level units E1, E2, and E3. When combined with the “Dental Designer” software they make a powerful package.

Assisting dental laboratories with their entry into the world of CAD/CAM fabrication, Service+ takes on design and production orders and provides dental laboratories with access to an extended range of materials and indications. Labs benefit from enhanced productivity and even more flexibility in selecting the appropriate manufacturing procedure.

Acquisitions and investments

In order to perfectly coordinate the software functionalities and interfaces within the Ivoclar Digital brand, Ivoclar Vivadent have recently made some significant acquisitions and investments. The take-over of Dental Softworks, a company renowned in the field of computer-aided manufacturing will generate an even closer cooperation in the development of materials and equipment. Whilst, an acquired equity interest in Kapanu AG, specialising in the application of augmented reality technology for aesthetic and restorative dentistry, will help shape digital dental applications that will link the real world to the digital world.

Following the presentation, delegates were invited to experience first-hand their new product portfolio on display at IDS across the 5-day event. Ivoclar Digital is designed to integrate the entire digital dentistry workflow to assist dentists and technicians with material selection and digital processes in the design and production of quality restorations, complemented with a wide range of additional services and customer support.

Many clinicians and technicians have grown to trust Ivoclar Vivadent for the prime reason that this family owned company is not only large enough to compete with any competitor but is still small enough to know their customers. It is this personable approach to market growth that assures the industry that partnering with Ivoclar Vivadent is the sensible choice when looking to embrace the digital workflow in 2017 and beyond.

For more information on the Ivoclar Digital product portfolio and technical support please contact a Digital Specialist or visit www.ivoclarvivadent.co.uk/laboratory-professionals:

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