IES 2018: Can craftsmanship be reconciled with digital technology?

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“The Quality of Aesthetics” was the focus of the 4th International Expert Symposium, hosted by Ivoclar Vivadent in Rome, 15 to 16 June 2018.

This year’s edition of the International Expert Symposium was under the topic of “Advanced digital and aesthetic dentistry”. The latest trends were discussed and solutions shared.

Amidst the increasingly pervasive role of digital technology, the call for solutions has increased. Against such a backdrop, Robert Ganley, CEO Ivoclar Vivadent AG, stressed the importance of offering a platform for dental professionals to talk about their views and share their experiences. Prominent speakers working in research, dentistry and dental technology allowed attendees to gain insight into their work practices between analogue and digital to achieve high-end results.

A new way of working
The dental experts discussed the advantages that they have obtained from using digital processes for impression-taking, analytics, measurements, planning and processing new materials. They showed how cooperation between partners on an equal level and exact work protocols provide a bedrock for success. A good understanding of the performance capabilities that the various hardware, software and materials offer also plays a part here. Numerous case reports have clearly shown that the dentists and dental technicians remain in charge: they will continue to define the goals and plan the route; only the tools are changing. The attendees watched how each presenter brought forward their own approach to achieve outstanding restoration results powered by expertise and craftsmanship. Digital removable prosthodontics was also part of the presentations.

Prominent presenters from seven countries
The symposium saw internationally renowned dental experts deliver their presentations, often together in teams: Dr Victor Clavijo (Brazil), Priv. Doz. Dr Arndt Happe, Dr Andreas Kurbad (both from Germany), Prof. Dr Stefan Koubi (France), Professor Dr Nitzan Bichacho, Dr Mirela Veraru (both from Israel), Dr Francesco Mintrone, Dr Gianfranco Politano, Dr Pietro Venezia (all three from Italy) and Murilo Calgaro (Brazil), Oliver Brix (Germany), Alessandro Ielasi, Pasquale Lacasella, Stefan Strigl (all three from Italy), Vincent Fehmer, Dominique Vinci (both from Switzerland) and Hilal Kuday (Turkey).

First Rome – and then Paris
The 1,000 dental professionals attending the 4th International Expert Symposium were given a great deal of inspiration and encouragement for their day-to-day work. At the “Ivoclar Vivadent and Friends” gala event, the attendees continued to socialise whilst enjoying a spectacular view over Rome’s sea of rooftops and the Vatican. An event-specific app facilitated the communication during the congress. The next edition of the International Expert Symposium has already been announced: in 2020, the event will take place in Paris.

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