Equipment Mill & Print

Digitalization is changing dental technical working methods and procedures in the laboratory. New production processes and materials require new techniques and sound know-how. The PrograMill milling machines and the PrograPrint 3D printing system combine the latest requirements for modern dental technology with innovative materials. Coordinated processes provide users with the right solution for every situation. Choose the PrograMill milling machine which is right for you, or expand your digital portfolio to include the PrograPrint system for 3D printing!


  • PrograMill, developed for IPS e.max
  • The right PrograMill for every application
  • Expansion of the digital portfolio with PrograPrint
  • Ideal integration within the laboratory
  • Intelligent, intuitive operating panel

PrograMill One

Setting new standards

M_7_High_Res_RGB_1900x1200 teaser

PrograMill PM7

Powerful and unrivalled

M_5_High_Res_RGB_1900x1200 teaser

PrograMill PM5

Efficient and precise

M_3_High_Res_RGB_1900x1200 teaser

PrograMill PM3

Efficient and precise

prograprint teaser

PrograPrint PR5

High-precision 3D printer


PrograPrint Clean

The efficient cleaning unit for 3D printed objects

prograprint cure teaser

PrograPrint Cure

Universal curing unit