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IPS Empress Accessories

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IPS Natural Die Material

The IPS Natural Die Material shade guide is used to determine the shade of the preparation. The dental technician then uses the light-curing material to fabricate a model die mimicking the tooth of the patient. It is used to simulate the shade of the preparation and thus provides the optimum basis for a true-to-nature reproduction of the shade and brightness value.

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IPS Ceramic Etching Gel

The IPS Ceramic Etching Gel is used for the creation of retentive bonding surfaces on all-ceramic restorations to prepare them for incorporation. It enhances the bonding effect between the luting composite and the ceramic bonding surface.

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Monobond Plus

Monobond Plus is a primer mediating an adhesive bond between the luting composite (particularly the Variolink and Multilink product lines) and all indirect restorative materials (glass and oxide ceramics, metals, composites, fibre-reinforced composites),