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Ivoclar Vivadent UK & Ireland

Ivoclar Vivadent operates in three product areas. In these three areas we offer dentists and dental technicians products and product systems that support them across the entire treatment and fabrication process and enable them to achieve aesthetic results.

Dentist Blog

Dental Technician Blog

  • 04/12/2018

    A growing number of dentists and dental technicians are using zirconium oxide to fashion their restorations. This brings up the question of how to place and cement these restorations efficiently.

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  • 27/11/2018

    Digital methods are revolutionizing dentistry. They are offering dental professionals new ways of analyzing dental occlusion, for example, by visualizing jaw movements in real time. Furthermore, digital technologies are bringing together fields that had little to do with each other in the past. Consequently, dentistry has become an interesting field for mathematicians and computer scientists such as Dr Sebastian Ruge from Greifswald (Germany). Read his story.

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  • 20/11/2018

    Treating children requires patience. Dentists have to treat children and talk to them in a different way compared with adults. Some children are afraid of the dental visit and others cannot sit still for very long. In many cases, a few simple tricks and tools are all that is needed to create a calming atmosphere for treating young patients in potentially problematic situations.

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